Providing Service in Newcastle County DE, Cecil County MD, Chester County PA, Annapolis, Maryland and nearby areas

Since 1985, Mr. Sandman has served homes and businesses throughout Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. We are headquartered in Newark, DE and Warwick, MD. Mr. Sandman has built a reputation for offering knowledgeable, professional service as well as the highest quality products to our customers. We are dedicated to a tradition of providing the highest quality wood to those who know and appreciate the difference. Beautiful hardwood flooring custom crafted to your specifications remains, as always, our trademark specialty.

We use only the highest quality materials 

Hardwood is the perfect flooring option for spaces that experience a lot of foot traffic. It is highly durable and requires very little maintenance! If you don’t know which hardwood type would best suit your needs, contact Mr. Sandman Flooring, Inc. We’ll walk you through your options and help you choose from materials like:

  • Walnut
  • Hickory
  • Ash
  • Maple
  • Oak

Once you’ve made your selection, our team will install your new floor in no time. Get in touch with Mr. Sandman Flooring, Inc. to learn more about our available materials.

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